Paper Cutting Cupo-Isnaedi

Beliau bernama Kuncahyo Isnaedi. Biasa dipanggil Pak Isnaedi atau lebih akrabnya Bang Is. Jabatan terakhir adalah National Sales Manager for Public Segment, PT. Philips Indonesia. Singkatnya beliau bertanggung jawab untuk penjualan produk dan solusi lighting dari Philips untuk sektor atau proyek-proyek Public atau Government. Jadi kalau ada Pemda, Pemprov, BUMN atau Kementrian yang membutuhkan solusi pencahayaan untuk jalan kampung, jalan kota, jalan provinsi, jalan toll, lighting untuk kantor pemerintahan, stadion olah raga, pencahayaan dekoratif kota, dsb, beliau ini legendanya.

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Dynamic ambience for patient room

The patient room of today

Individuality, independence, comfort and flexibility are the keywords when talking about patient rooms today. Hospitals are slowly coming to realize that patients are reluctant to do without the customs of normal life.

For many, choosing a hospital is not just a matter of checking out its medical reputation, the “homeliness” of its wards is another important consideration. And rightly so. After all, most of a patient’s stay in hospital is spent most of their time in a patient room. In rooms for which patients pay a supplement, good lighting is a particularly important competitive asset. As hospitals change from places for treating the sick into health “service centers”, today it is mostly only the private hospital operators who recognize the key importance of optimum lighting as an element of interior design, but it has and will become a common approach.


The patient room of the future

Of all the advances that hospitals are making in the delivery of care, nowhere is the impact felt more drastically than in the patient room. Even as room decor grows more cozy and more home-like, dazzling new technology is bringing the future directly to the bedside, giving clinicians the power to monitor patients more carefully and giving patients more control over their own environment. Creating flexible, comforting rooms that can accommodate ever-changing technology, that encourage loved ones to spend more time with patients, and that allow staff to work more efficiently is a challenge for hospital planners

(source : Philips Lighting)