The first ActiveSite for Sei Carang bridge

There is always a first time, for everything. The mixed feeling will fill our mind and our heart related to the journey through that first time moment. We may feel nervous, excited, worried, afraid, happy and so on. Including with the story that I want to share you now. The big themes are “for the first time”. It’s the first time for me visit Tanjung Pinang, the capital of Bintan Island to install and activated the first ActiveSite solution for Indonesia market.

Taken from Wikipedia; Riau Islands (Indonesian; Kepulauan Riau, acronym; Kepri), is a province of Indonesia. It comprises the principal group of the Riau Archipelago along with other island groups to the south, east, and northeast. In Indonesian, Riau Islands and Riau Archipelago are synonymous and are distinguished by the word for a province, “Provinsi”. Originally part of the Riau province, the Riau Islands were split off as a separate province in September 2002. Riau Islands Province is the 32nd Province in Indonesia. There are around 3,200 islands in the province, which has its capital at Tanjung Pinang in the south of Bintan Island.

Sei Carang location compare to Singapore
Sei Carang bridge on Google map


Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport (IATA: TNJ), is an international airport located in Tanjung Pinang, Bintan, Riau Islands, Indonesia. It is the second largest airport in Riau Islands, after the Hang Nadim International Airport in Batam. There is only one flight with Garuda Indonesia from Jakarta so it can be considered as first flight and last flight on the day. As the developed region that trying to invite visitor, investor or tourist to come to this province, the local government doing many things to make them enjoy and love to come. Including prepare for some infrastructure that can help to boost local development, especially related to transportation sectors. As a province that has many islands, they focus to build road, bridges, and seaports to support people movement that will impact to economic and trading.

Sketching the seat in front of me while waiting for landing
The dimension of the Sei Carang bridge, length in meter.

Aligned with the vision of the Tanjung Pinang major that want to make the Sei Carang area as one of the tourist destination, they decide to make this bridge looks more iconic and attractive with decorative lighting. They contact Philips Lighting that has many experiences to light up some bridges to become more iconic and then known by people. In this Instagram and Facebook era, the Major of Tanjung Pinang and their staffs believe that seeing is believing. They are confident that there will be many people upload and share the Sei Carang bridge on social media. We are from Philips Lighting aware and love the idea to light up the bridge with decorative lighting solution. The key factor that helping us a lot is the willingness of our Customer to experience new technology. Technology that offers a lot of benefit for them. It’s all about the “experiences”. As their asset located in the remote area, they want to make sure that the system running well. We propose the latest lighting technology solution that will help them to maintain their lighting system on the top performances using remote monitoring with Cloud technology. We offer total control, anytime and anywhere. We call it ActiveSite.

ActiveSite is the first ever cloud-hosted connected lighting system for remotely monitoring, managing, and maintaining architectural LED lighting installations.
ActiveSite offers all the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) system.
No software to install or servers to buy and maintain. All that is required is the ActiveSite Gateway, a standard internet connection, and a computer or tablet. Web-based software is easy to access with any authorized device, Rapid deployment of software updates with minimal downtime, Data backup, recovery, and security operations supported by Philips. ActiveSite also capable of monitor system performance, perform remote device configurations, manage assets, and gain insight into system operations. The other benefits of ActiveSite are the capability to create, edit, and change light shows, scenes, and schedules from anywhere in the world, adjusting lighting effects in real time. With so many benefits that they will get, the Owner side agrees to install on their project. And long story short, this Sei Carang bridge officially become Indonesia first ActiveSite application.

First time for me to visit Tanjung Pinang city but the lighting system (without ActiveSite) are already well installed and light up the bridge? How come?

If that is the question, then the answer is by having a reliable partner that understand how to install, address and programming the lighting fixtures and system. For this bridge, Philips Lighting collaborates with PT. Sinergi Prima Inti (Jakarta) as the Value Added Partner (VAP). They send their engineer to collaborate with the local contractor to install the lighting system. With their capabilities and competencies, it brings the peace of mind not only to Philips Lighting but also to Customer, because their investment for best lighting solution will be paid off. Even though we already train them related ActiveSite installation, but they never did by themselves.

Since the site near Singapore (around 2 hour trip by boat), we collaborate with the Philips Color Kinetics Technical & System Expert at Singapore to help us install the first ActiveSite for Indonesia. Together we learn and implement the real project. Finally, the ActiveSite can be installed and run well on this Sei Carang bridge.

Thank you to PT. Sinergi Prima Inti team and PCK Technical Expert Singapore for the great support. The next step is we prepare the training to the Customer related decorative lighting that we installed there, it will cover the anatomy of the lighting system, how to make content, how to do troubleshooting.

The detail information related to the lighting system that we installed on this Sei Carang bridge are:
– ColorBlast Powercore 10deg, 42pcs.
– ColorGraze QLX Powercore 10x60deg, 98pcs
– Data Enabler Pro, 10pcs
– Light System Manager Gen5 with 1000nodes, 1pc
– ActiveSite system package

For some people, maybe it’s the small project if compared with the value of money or quantity from road lighting or stadium lighting. But, I am grateful for getting this project, the goods are delivered on time, the installation process runs smoothly, the ActiveSite system runs well and the response of the customers are happy with the results of our work. We may start with small but it gives us more than enough of energy and confidence. And hopefully, open the opportunity door for another architectural lighting in near future. Philips Lighting Indonesia and Partners ready to serve and collaborate on your next projects.

While waiting for the check-in desk open, let’s capture the image of TNJ airport
Sei Carang on sketch while waiting for boarding call

All photographs were taken with phone camera, Xiaomi Mi A1. There is some news reported by newspaper related to these decorative lighting of Sei Carang bridge, even though (as far as I know) this decorative lighting not yet officially inaugurated by the Authority, please find the links below:

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