Terima Kasih, Mr. Energy

This gift is special for me, because not only made within 2 nights but also dedicated to people that I (and also other Philips Lighting Indonesia employees) respect. The decision to make this gift came when I heard the news that he will visit Indonesia on May 24-25 on Tuesday. Still, don’t know what kind of gift that will create. Finally, got the idea on Wednesday afternoon and start to make the sketch on Wednesday night after iftar & tarawih and start to cut the paper & apply paint on Thursday night. Rushing with time because, on Friday (May 25, 2018), we will have Town Hall Meeting at the office, including farewell with Mr. Murali Sivaraman.

The other special thing is to whom I made this gift. He is Mr. Murali Sivaraman.
And he is our President – Growth Markets. The man that has full of energy and enthusiasm, charming personality and charismatic. Not only me that respects him, but I believe most of Philips Lighting Indonesia employees also paying respect to Mr. Murali. He got nickname Mr. Energy when we are doing volunteer day to Elementary School near our Philips Lighting office. He also joins this event and appointed as Mr. Energy, because we sharing how to save the energy and save our Earth.


The idea is to make something that connects him with Philips, Lighting, Indonesia and Signify also India. For the Philips, for sure, the blue-white shield logo is a must displayed here. For the Lighting, I will apply the silhouette of LED bulb and signature of LED font. For the Signify, I will apply the green color.

The iconic Philips shield logo as the representation of his professional life with Philips.


The papercutting process to create Garuda wing or Garuda batik pattern, Parang pattern, LED bulbs, LED font and also the main intention: terima kasih, Mr. Energy


Sketch before applying the painting as the background
Applying pure gold color as the background of batik Parang pattern. Beside represent the wish of prosperity and wealth, also represent the true quality of him.

The big question is how to represent the Indonesia and India in an image, something that has the same or common understanding. Then, I remember about Mahabharata story. Indonesia and India have something common related to this epic story. Since he has traveled a lot during his professional life, so I am thinking about Garuda. Flying to visit the market that belongs his responsibility. Based on information from Wikipedia, The Garuda is a legendary bird or bird-like creature in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain mythology. He is variously the vehicle mount (vahana) of the Hindu god Vishnu. In Indonesia, Garuda beside known as National Emblem of Indonesia (with Garuda Pancasila) and also National Airline of Indonesia (with Garuda Indonesia), also found in many batik patterns. The final result is I take Garuda batik pattern and combined with lamp bulb, LED font, and color of Signify. The other Indonesia approach is by using Batik Parang pattern as background. This simplified pattern then combines with Gold color paint, as represent the wealthy and his big heart.

The fun part but also confusing moment, choosing the color and mixed it to make it match with the artwork concept.
Apply the thickness to create the depth between the painted background and outer paper cutting layer
Philips shield logo and batik with Garuda pattern before combine
The final artwork of “terima kasih, Mr. Energy”
The D-Day and the moment of Mr. Energy open the gift
Trying to explain the concept of the creation
The smile of Mr. Energy that make me relieve….and happy
Perhaps not much that I can give, only paper and paint, but I guarantee that it made with love & respect 🙂
The unexpected moment when he hugged me and I knew how sincere he was
Take a wefie and thank you Imelda Wicaksana who help to take the pictures
Hope you like the gift and it will help to remember us in Philips Indonesia (now Signify Indonesia) and the beautiful and great country called Indonesia.

The “terima kasih” is our expression to show our respect and gratitude to his inspiration during his leadership and also during his visit to Indonesia so far. He truly brings many positives energy to us.
Thank you very much, for everything, Mr. Murali Sivaraman.
You will be missed and good luck for your new journey ahead.

Terima kasih, Mr. Energy.

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