See You, Facade Lighting. Thank You.

I believe many of you knew with the quote from Sir Richard Branson: If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later! Somehow this quote is very encouraged people that worry about the related future or someone who afraid to leave the comfort zone. But since the future is something that we cannot predict, there is only one way related to the opportunity; just take it or just leave it. There is no try in between. Do or Do not, there is no try (Master Yoda).

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Tentang kanal Ngobrol Desain(er)

Berawal dari minimnya dokumentasi karya desain, dokumentasi wawancara desainer mengenai konsep karya, harapan dan impian dari para desainer sekaligus juga sarana bagi desainer untuk memamerkan karyanya secara digital dan terbuka, maka muncul keinginan untuk memulai melakukan dokumentasi karya maupun desainer, arsitek atau seniman.

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Story and History with Car

For some people, car ownership is a symbol. Not only for men, but also for women. A car is the symbol of their achievement and status. A car also reflection about what you are. But for some people, a car also part of their life story and in the end, it becomes of their life history. I will share behind the scene of the gift that I present to my best friend, Oki Firman Cahyono, who decide to pursue other interest and resign from the company. It short story that connected people, life, and car.

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GBK Main Stadium Jakarta facade lighting

I am honored and excited. Those were the feeling when I saw there are so many amazing photographs and videos on social media displaying the project that I have involved with and our solutions take the important role and become the reason why they take a photo or video. On Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and also on conventional media (newspaper, television), you will easily find those images. I am talking about the result of the renovation of Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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How to describe Philips Lighting Indonesia in one image?

Philips Lighting Indonesia as a multinational company has the official batik shirt that represents the company with batik Indonesia pattern, with two color option, white and purple. As the employee, I am proudly wearing this batik shirt, especially when business trip abroad. The response from my colleagues is amazing. Most of them love the batik and ask how to have or buy that Philips batik shirt. But then, I ask myself, what is after batik shirt? And to be exact, how to describe Philips Lighting Indonesia in one image. The image that can be applied as identity, ornament or perhaps can be applied as the gift to our guest or customer. Read more

An ordinary review of “The Science of Lighting” book.

Just like mentioned on its cover, this book will tell us a lot about the science of lighting. A guide for people who want to know more and understand more about lighting. It will tell us about light and radiation, how is light produced, how is light directed and screened, about quantities of light and the unit, about light and vision, light with color, about light and health, about lighting quality. The way of this book tell us about the content is easy to follow and understand. Even though it tells a lot about the science (of course include with formulas, calculation, science terms, etc), the writers have done a great job to make the content easy to understand, even for people who just know or newly learn about lighting.

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Madrid from my smartphone lens

This is my short trip with short time to explore and reveal the beauty of Madrid. Actually, this is the second time I visited this city, the first time has happened at the end of December 2015. Yes, it has been almost 12 years ago. Arrived at Madrid on Tuesday afternoon (26/09) and leave Madrid on Friday evening (29/09), with two days (28 – 29 Sept) were use for Partner Summit.

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Decorative Lighting Semanggi Bridge

To be involved and succeed in a prestigious project is everybody dream. Including myself. This Simpang Susun Semanggi project using decorative lighting to differentiate this iconic bridge from other iconic projects. Give beauty look to Jakarta landscape at night. Collaborate with PT. Mandala Putera Prima as the subcontractor for this project (with Wijaya Karya as the main contractor), Philips finally installed the Philips Color Kinetics solution with iColor Flex LMX Gen 2 at the body of this bridge. There are around 13,900 nodes installed around the body. With translucent dome finishing for this flex lamp, it gives sparkle and bright effect at night, also visible from the distances.

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Perjalanan ke Hanoi dalam sketsa

Bagi saya ini adalah pertama kali menjejakkan kaki di negara anggota ASEAN yang mempunyai ibukota bernama Hanoi. Kali ini kunjungan dilakukan bersama kurang lebih 200 karyawan PT. Philips Indonesia, pada tanggal 10 – 14 Agustus 2016. Philips Indonesia Employee Trip 2016. Pertama kalinya bagi saya bepergian ke luar negeri bersama dengan 200 orang lebih. Pertama kalinya juga bagi saya datang di bandara CGK pada pukul 3 pagi, demi first flight ke Singapura menggunakan Singapore Airlines.

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General lighting at train station


This linear arrangement of general lighting give a clean & modern look for this train station. Lighting aimed on area where passenger get in and get out from the train.
Photo taken from : Berlin Central Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof)

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