Paper Cutting Cupo-La La Land

This paper cutting artwork inspired by the movie and the simplicity of the poster, La La Land. This movie was a nice and inspiring for me. The story seems taken from the moments that happened around us. That’s why I would like to recreate the movie poster using paper cutting and also painting. For this paper cutting artwork, I am trying to combine with lighting. Using backlight method using LED, I would like to see the effect of lighting to the papercut+painting artwork.


The background of the poster and the silhouette of Mia & Sebastian dancing.


All layers combine before applying the paint


Apply spacer from foam to create space between the layers


The painting process



All layers had finished with paint, including Mia and Sebastian and not yet glued.


The result of Cupo-La La Land with the LED lighting switched-off


The effect of LED backlight with the surrounding light switched-off 


The effect of LED backlight with the general lighting for the room switched-on. The stars look shining bright 🙂


The conclusion of the experiment of making papercut + painting and also add lighting seems not working at this time. It’s good, but I feel there are a lot of room to improve the result. For example, the thickness of the paper is too thick. Using 200gsm paper seems too thick and the result is the light cannot penetrate the paper. The other thing is by using some painting to paper, it also make the light cannot penetrate and distributed by the paper. The method of painting can be change, should apply thin paint for each layer. Or perhaps change from poster painting into watercolor painting. Or maybe we can use colored paper as the layers. So, there are many things that can be improved by this experiment. Maybe next time the result of combining lighting will give the better result.



The final result of Cupo-La La Land movie poster











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