How to describe Philips Lighting Indonesia in one image?

Philips Lighting Indonesia as a multinational company has the official batik shirt that represents the company with batik Indonesia pattern, with two color option, white and purple. As the employee, I am proudly wearing this batik shirt, especially when business trip abroad. The response from my colleagues is amazing. Most of them love the batik and ask how to have or buy that Philips batik shirt. But then, I ask myself, what is after batik shirt? And to be exact, how to describe Philips Lighting Indonesia in one image. The image that can be applied as identity, ornament or perhaps can be applied as the gift to our guest or customer. Read more

An ordinary review of “The Science of Lighting” book.

Just like mentioned on its cover, this book will tell us a lot about the science of lighting. A guide for people who want to know more and understand more about lighting. It will tell us about light and radiation, how is light produced, how is light directed and screened, about quantities of light and the unit, about light and vision, light with color, about light and health, about lighting quality. The way of this book tell us about the content is easy to follow and understand. Even though it tells a lot about the science (of course include with formulas, calculation, science terms, etc), the writers have done a great job to make the content easy to understand, even for people who just know or newly learn about lighting.

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What is Light?

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which ranges from radio waves to gamma rays. Electromagnetic radiation waves, as their names suggest are fluctuations of electric and magnetic fields, which can transport energy from one location to another. Visible light is not inherently different from the other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum with the exception that the human eye can detect visible waves.

To learn more about lighting, you can Google many articles or many website that explain about these matters on internet. And in this blog, I will provide some basic information about basic lighting. I will not fulfill with theoretical or too technical things that make you more confuse. So, wait for other post by Lighttalks 🙂

Cahaya adalah radiasi electromagnetic (seperti gelombang radio danTV ) yang berjalan disekitar kita. Cahaya akan menciptakan proses visual saat masuk ke dalam mata, dimana proses-proses tersebut terjadi tanpa pernah kita sadari. Dengan cahaya, kita bisa membedakan bentuk, warna, kedalaman. Cahaya adalah sebuah gejala alam yg dapat dirasakan & tergantung pada kesensitifan mata. Banyak artikel maupun website yang telah dibuat yang menjelaskan mengenai basic lighting, sehingga Anda dapat dengan mudah untuk mencari dan mempelajarinya dari internet. Khusus untuk blog ini, kita akan mendiskusikan hal-hal ringan yang mudah dimengerti mengenai cahaya, sehingga diharapkan kening anda tidak berkerut saat membacanya 🙂

Language and Images

Sometimes to make people understand more we need to talk using their own native language. Since from the beginning this blog will focus on share on anything related to design in our everyday live, I think it will be better if I make 2 version of language in every post. One version will use English and another is Bahasa Indonesia. It will consume time to make it, but as long as people understand about the content, I think it worth to do. But not every post or content will be available on bi-lingual, because some post or terms will more interesting to read on one language rather than two language.

Also it will utilize pictures or images for the contents, since design are, more or less, related to visual. Some says pictures will say more than thousand words. Pictures can be taken from everyday event, product information or taken from website. As long as this pictures represent the topic, we will use and discuss it.

what is Lighttalks

Welcome to Lighttalks.

This new word actually combination of Light and Talks. From Wikipedia, these two words has meaning :

Light : Visible light (commonly referred to simply as light) is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye, and is responsible for the sense of sight.

But in another term, Light also means:

light (comparative lighter, superlative lightest)

  1. Of low weight; not heavy.
  2. Lightly-built;      designed for speed or small loads.
  3. Gentle;      having little force or momentum.
  4. Unimportant,      trivial,      having little value or significance.

Talks : Talk may refer to:

  • Conversation,      interactive communication between two or more people
  • Speech, the production      of a spoken language
  • Interaction,      face to face conversations

So, in this blog we will “talking about light”. It can be discussion about Lighting or some Light Things in our life. This blog will focus to discuss about design. It can be Product/Industrial, Lighting, Multimedia, Architectural, Interior, Graphic or Art.

Please feel free to comment or give me idea to discuss.

Warm regards, Lighttalks