How to describe Philips Lighting Indonesia in one image?

Philips Lighting Indonesia as a multinational company has the official batik shirt that represents the company with batik Indonesia pattern, with two color option, white and purple. As the employee, I am proudly wearing this batik shirt, especially when business trip abroad. The response from my colleagues is amazing. Most of them love the batik and ask how to have or buy that Philips batik shirt. But then, I ask myself, what is after batik shirt? And to be exact, how to describe Philips Lighting Indonesia in one image. The image that can be applied as identity, ornament or perhaps can be applied as the gift to our guest or customer. Read more


Paper Cutting Cupo-La La Land

This paper cutting artwork inspired by the movie and the simplicity of the poster, La La Land. This movie was a nice and inspiring for me. The story seems taken from the moments that happened around us. That’s why I would like to recreate the movie poster using paper cutting and also painting. For this paper cutting artwork, I am trying to combine with lighting. Using backlight method using LED, I would like to see the effect of lighting to the papercut+painting artwork.

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Paper Cutting Cupo-BHP

This paper cutting Cupo Portrait, Cupo-BHP, is created as the request by a daughter who wants to give a birthday present to her father. The color requested represents the color of the tiger, since her father shio is the tiger too. As usual, the hardest part is finding the photograph that can be created with stenciled photo and has enough resolution to modified.

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Paper Cutting Cupo-FKM

Let’s call it Cupo-FKM. FKM is the initial name of this girl that her photograph made as an object of paper cutting and painting. This is the custom request from a customer that initiate to give a different gift as a birthday present. Also, request to give pink gradation and pink wooden frame. FKM is 4yrs old girl who lived in Paris.

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Paper Cutting Cupo-Matahari

On this project, we are trying to maximize all layered that already cut. As you know, when we cut the paper, it will create 2 shapes. Sometimes we call it positive and negative shape. This project made on September 30, 2014.

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Paper Cutting Cupo-BAP

This artwork is called Cupo-BAP and made from a photograph of our beloved colleague that resigned from the current job. BAP is the initial name of our colleague, Bayu Ade Pramudia. The hardest part of this creation is found the good photograph without asking the photo from him because this artwork was made as a secret project.

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CUPO, sebuah utak-atik-gathuk

Mungkin awalnya bisa dianggap sebagai kegiatan iseng untuk mengisi akhir pekan atau untuk refreshing. Melubangi kertas dengan berbagai macam motif atau hiasan kemudian mewarnainya menggunakan cat poster dan disusun menurut urutan gradasi bentuk dan warnanya. Semakin sering membuat, semakin merasa nikmat. Kemudian mencoba merambah bentuk atau tulisan kaligrafi atau motif atau pattern. Untuk saat ini cat yang digunakan masih menggunakan cat poster yang mudah ketika digunakan dan ketika masih ada sisa banyak, bisa digunakan sebagai mainan anak-anak. Mainan yang sederhana, bermain kuas dan warna.

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