Malioboro Street

Malioboro Street.
Perhaps this is the center of business, attractions, economy and tourism in Yogyakarta city. The hype of street vendors or local shop that sell mostly souvenirs to tourist/visitors/travellers. The art of bargain mostly need in this place. The improvement of safety and comfort are on the progress. You will find wide pedestrian with many chair that comfort to sit, while your wife/girls busy to shopping. On peak season/holiday season and weekend, it will full with crowd, so beware with hot air or beware with your belongings.

Plengkung Gading, Yogyakarta.

Plengkung Nirbaya atau Plengkung Gading ini merupakan gerbang yang terletak di sebelah selatan Keraton Ngayogyokarto Hadiningrat. Dekat dengan alun-alun kidul/selatan Kota Yogyakarta. Plengkung Gading ini merupakan pintu keluar raja yang wafat untuk selanjutnya disemayamkan di Makam Raja-Raja Imogiri. Konon, selama Sultan masih hidup di dunia, beliau tidak diperkenankan melewati Plengkung Gading ini. Ada menara sirine di Plengkung Gading ini, yang hanya digunakan untuk dua momen, yakni setiap tanggal 17 Agustus untuk memperingati peristiwa detik-detik proklamasi Republik Indonesia, dan menjelang buka puasa saat Ramadan.

Madrid from my smartphone lens

This is my short trip with short time to explore and reveal the beauty of Madrid. Actually, this is the second time I visited this city, the first time has happened at the end of December 2015. Yes, it has been almost 12 years ago. Arrived at Madrid on Tuesday afternoon (26/09) and leave Madrid on Friday evening (29/09), with two days (28 – 29 Sept) were use for Partner Summit.

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