Paper Cutting Cupo-Basmalah

In this Cupo-Basmalah, the concept combines the art of calligraphy with some layer of papercutting and combine with color gradation for each layer.



It started with white paper and using 200 gsm paper to get the thickness. Choose one motive that represent of middle east pattern.



Repeat the paper cutting process to make pattern for each layers.



Apply colors for each layer of the pattern



Do the painting for the “basmalah” sentence.


IMG_20140529_215454 When each layers combine and do simulation before apply glue for each layers


s - cupo-bismillah2

Cupo-Basmalah on wooden frame


s - cupo-bismillah

Cupo-Basmalah on perspective view with black wooden frame, and you may see the 3D effect and depths from the patterns.


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