Keep Moving Forward


Indeed, there are no other words except Keep Moving Forward. Keep on making progress. Enjoy the process. Try the best.

More focus, have more courage, set the patients high, keep on the consistency high and keep on persistent no matter what obstacle there.


Eid Al-Fitr 1438 H

Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating!
Wishing you and your loved ones peace, joy and prosperity.
Taqabbalallahu Minna Wa Minkum
Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

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Car and Portrait of Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher or sometimes known as Schumy, is one of the Formula One racing legends. His collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari has awarded him and Ferrari many titles. I will not talk a lot about him and his achievement, for sure you can find these things on other sources on the internet. I just would like to share my support and my wish that he will get well soon from his coma.

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