Paper Cutting Cupo-BHP

This paper cutting Cupo Portrait, Cupo-BHP, is created as the request by a daughter who wants to give a birthday present to her father. The color requested represents the color of the tiger, since her father shio is the tiger too. As usual, the hardest part is finding the photograph that can be created with stenciled photo and has enough resolution to modified.



The white paper cutting



Start to apply poster color on each layer



All layered has just finished applied with color



Trying to assembly the layers



All layers minus the black detail on face


Beside making Cut and Post for the photograph, the other additional job to do is making the layered frame using similar color of the portrait. Making layered frame with color gradation from light-yellow to black.



Applying color for the frame



All layered frame



To make color stay longer and to avoid water ruined the result, apply the fixative to protect the paint and the color



The final frame



The Cupo-BHP with color gradation frame artwork.

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