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Hi… I am Aris Dwi Nugroho. Welcome to my personal blog and website. I enjoy Freedom and like to blog about anything that comes to my free mind. But mostly I will blog about industrial design, lighting, art, architecture, technology, and small things related to our life. If you don’t know about me and want to find out more about my professional life, you can check my resume below. All of the contents published here are personal. Not represent the company I am working with or the organization that I am joined with. Most of the photographs are mine, but some are taken from other websites and used as illustrations only.


A dynamic, competent & professional talent with multinational management experience who uses a creative approach to problem finding and solving by combining good taste & knowledge of art/design with a technical background. I am motivated for sales, marketing & business development. Directed to combine the Right Brain approach (art & design) and Left Brain approach (analytical, technical, and commercial). Managed & motivated to execute various projects effectively & performed successfully. Prepared to take bigger responsibility by integrating my expertise in design, technical and commercial.

PT Signify Commercial Indonesia

Jul 2020 – Present, Product Manager of 3D Printing for APAC Region

  • Responsible for steering and managing the product roadmap for 3D printed luminaires for the Asia Pacific markets.
  • Support setting up the new 3D Print facility in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Manage the product series & Drive the bespoke design process in 3D Printing.

PT. Philips Indonesia – PT Signify Commercial Indonesia

(on May 16, 2018, Philips Lighting change its name the company to become Signify)

Jan 2018 – Jun 2020, Key Account Manager of VAP for Architectural Lighting

  • Manage Value Added Partner (VAP) account as the strategic partner for promoting, distributing, installed Color Kinetics innovative solution.
  • Win the Architectural Lighting projects: GBK Stadium Senayan, Semanggi bridge, THE Tower, Tunjungan Plaza 5, Sei Carang bridge, Wonder Garden AEON JGC, Mahkota 2 bridge, PIK Avenue, Islamic Center NTB, etc

Jan 2015 – Dec 2017, Sales Manager for Color Kinetics & Vaya

  • Build a closer relationship with VAP, support the development and growth of VAP business, lead & manage groups of VAP and win together on the market.
  • Philips Value Added Partner (VAP) is an independent company who is recognized by Philips Lighting to provide a selected lighting portfolio (in my case is Philips Color Kinetics (CK) and Vaya; colorkinetics.com)
  • Generate, Contribute and Manage Sales of Philips Color Kinetics & Vaya solution.
  • Improve Business Opportunities by maintaining new & existing accounts.
  • Provide well-thought-out a solution regarding lighting application (design, technical and commercial approach) to internal & Lighting Specifiers and End Users.

Apr 2013 – Dec 2014, Lighting Application & Specifiers (LiAS) Manager

  • Lead and Manage the Lighting Application & Specifiers (LiAS) Department which consists of 4 LiAS Segment Managers and more than 45 LiAS Community in Project Dealer.
  • Provide creative, innovative, and technical lighting applications to Internal (Sales team) & External (Specifier), including providing training/workshops.
  • Develop and implement strategies for Specifiers Relationship Management.
  • Coordinating tasks to provide good support and collaboration with the Sales & Marketing team to find and win the project & generated indirect sales.

Jul 2011 – Mar 2013, LED & Solar Road Lighting Segment Manager

  • Initiate technical strategies and coordinate actions with the marketing team to influence the new technologies of LED & Solar Road Lighting applications.
  • Proactively develops and improves products and services by coordinating internally with Philips Global team and externally with customers’ input.
  • Identifies business opportunities and creates and maintain customer relationship to obtain projects and generated sales, revenue, and profit.
  • Generate Sales for Solar LED Road Lighting business and contribute EUR1.2million sales & contribute 80% of sales of Solar LED in Asia Pacific region (2012).

Jun 2007 – Jun 2011, LED Design & Application Specialist

  • Develop, Execute and Manage various lighting design projects, especially for Big & Potential projects, City Beautification, and Outdoor Lighting applications using Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.
  • Actively participate in developing product knowledge to support the Professional Lighting Sales team & Project Dealer.
  • Contribute to generating sales and achievement for Professional Lighting Chanel at Philips Indonesia.
  • Establish good working relationships and conduct training with Specifiers, Lighting Designer, and M/E Consultants

Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia

Jun 2003 – Aug 2006, Industrial Designer

  • Manage & executes design project as Project Leader for Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, and Electric Fan from sketch to mass production.
  • Awarded 2006 Indonesia Good Design Selection (IGDS) Award, GOLD AWARD for GOOD DESIGN, for Kitchen Appliance & Housekeeping Goods category, Panasonic Dish Dryer, D-Sterile FD-S03S1.
  • Establish a good working relationship with internal engineers and suppliers/vendors to continue making product development.



Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design major, with Sarjana Teknik (ST) title.

From Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, Indonesia (www.its.ac.id)


  • Yayasan Supersemar scholarship (97-98)
  • Asia Development Bank (ADB) scholarship 3 times; in 97-98, 98-99, 99-00.


  • Gold Award for Good Design, Indonesia Good Design Selection (IGDS) for product Panasonic Dish Dryer, D-Sterile FD S-03S1, Kitchen Appliance & Housekeeping Goods category, 2006
  • Top 10 Finalist at The 3rd Automotive Design and Styling Competition, at Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), Jakarta, 19 – 28 July 2007
  • Top 5 Finalist at 1st Djarum Black Innovation Award, Jakarta, 2007
  • Top 50 Finalist at 3rd Djarum Black Innovation Award, Jakarta, 2009


Intellectual Property Right (IPR) holder (or Hak Kekayaan Intelektual/HAKI) for Panasonic Air Conditioner type CU-CS5/7/9DKJ series, Panasonic Washing Machine smile curve body, and Panasonic D-Sterile FD-S03S1.


Trainer of Lighting Design & Visualization Software for Philips Asia Pacific – LiDAC (Lighting Design & Application) members, at Singapore, on March 4 – 5, 2008.

Contact me on:

  • email: contact@arisdn.com
  • twitter: @arisdn
  • instagram: @arisdn

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