Story and History with Car

For some people, car ownership is a symbol. Not only for men, but also for women. A car is the symbol of their achievement and status. A car also reflection about what you are. But for some people, a car also part of their life story and in the end, it becomes of their life history. I will share behind the scene of the gift that I present to my best friend, Oki Firman Cahyono, who decide to pursue other interest and resign from the company. It short story that connected people, life, and car.

As Sales by profession and life in Jakarta, Oki will spend most of his time on the street. As you may be heard and know, the traffic jam in Jakarta is getting tough. But he has to move from point A to point B, to point C or D. Go to the customer, consultant, partner and other business or personal related. His car becomes his buddy. And as a petrolhead, he loves his car and trying to give a personal touch. As long as it does not affect to car performances and also meet the budget, the desire to modify the car sometimes undeniable. This Toyota Rush S type previously is an operational car that provides by the company. After 5 years of operational, the user has right to buy to the company and own this car. From April 2012 – April 2017, this car has served the user. But, due to some reasons, Oki choose to keep this car and use as his everyday car until today I write this blog.

So, the concept of the gift is; Salesperson + Live in sub-urban Jakarta + Working in Jakarta + traffic jam around Jakarta + Car enthusiast = live with the car.


Image from Facebook as base to create portrait


Toyota Rush S type, 2012


Oki car signature is the wheel.


Based on photograph and start to sketch


Add posterized portrait


The process of add company logo


Close view


Final artwork


On his last day at the office


Good luck Pak Oki. Wish you all the best.


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