Malioboro Street

Malioboro Street.
Perhaps this is the center of business, attractions, economy and tourism in Yogyakarta city. The hype of street vendors or local shop that sell mostly souvenirs to tourist/visitors/travellers. The art of bargain mostly need in this place. The improvement of safety and comfort are on the progress. You will find wide pedestrian with many chair that comfort to sit, while your wife/girls busy to shopping. On peak season/holiday season and weekend, it will full with crowd, so beware with hot air or beware with your belongings.

Dynamic Illumination Carpet with light

The brief from the owner was clear: “AEON Mall wants to create Wonder Garden with the dynamic illumination carpet as the element of the garden at this shopping mall”. The keyword is dynamic illumination carpet. The short definition of dynamic illumination carpet is an installation of many dots lamp above the grass of the garden and light up at night with dynamic effect. Since it contains many dots lamp so it will look like carpet located above the grass.

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