Alun-Alun Kidul Yogyakarta

Our short story when we were visited Alun-Alun Kidul Yogyakarta. One of the famous destination for Town Square or Plaza or Piazza in Yogyakarta. My suggestion is do visit at night and you will find many excitement in this area. Just take a look on this short video below.

Story and History with Car

For some people, car ownership is a symbol. Not only for men, but also for women. A car is the symbol of their achievement and status. A car also reflection about what you are. But for some people, a car also part of their life story and in the end, it becomes of their life history. I will share behind the scene of the gift that I present to my best friend, Oki Firman Cahyono, who decide to pursue other interest and resign from the company. It short story that connected people, life, and car.

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