Dynamic Illumination Carpet with light

The brief from the owner was clear: “AEON Mall wants to create Wonder Garden with the dynamic illumination carpet as the element of the garden at this shopping mall”. The keyword is dynamic illumination carpet. The short definition of dynamic illumination carpet is an installation of many dots lamp above the grass of the garden and light up at night with dynamic effect. Since it contains many dots lamp so it will look like carpet located above the grass.

How to attract potential customer to visit the shopping mall is getting tough in this digital era. Many potential customers prefer to visit the online shop. No traffic jam, no need to find an empty parking spot, no queue at the cashier and your goods will deliver to your home. Online shopping is so easy and so convenient. Now, shopping mall owner not only competes with other shopping mall but also with the online shop. Even though some says that the percentage of the online shop is relatively small, but the battle is there. Shopping mall must be creative and differentiate their value than others. If only offering the additional discount, midnight sale, invite famous musician for the live show, most of the shopping mall can do that. AEON Mall has successfully doing unique approach to attract customer visit the shopping mall. They offer Japanese Experience to the customer. They approach with Japanese architecture, food, and garden in their shopping mall.

Located in Cakung, an area at the eastern part of Jakarta, this shopping mall has big ferries wheel at the roof area as their signature. They also maximized their backyard and create the Wonder Garden. Since the garden dimension is not completely in square shape, we estimate the dimension is 1200 meter square area. This 120m x 10m area of this garden requested to be installed with dots LED above the grass. The brief from the owner: these dots must be dynamic, controllable and programmable also if possible can be modified as the pixel.


The concept of this dynamic Wonder Garden is nature and festive. Even though Indonesia only has two seasons, but to make the customer experience the seasons that happened in Japan, the designer has created the color scheme that replicates 4 seasons in Japan. Their objective is the experience the nature of Japan by lighting. For the festive, this dynamic illumination carpet should capable to create festive moments, for Idul Fitri, Christmas, Chinese New Year or Imlek, Independence Day, New Year, etc. Communication and interaction with the customer using light.

After some discussions with the owner and long story short, we came up using solutions:
– propose Philips Color Kinetics, iColor Flex MX
– Using black body color+cable to be installed on black pole
– Total dots proposed around 14,000 nodes
– LED nodes pitch is 600mm
– Poles pitch is 300mm
– Using controller Light System Manager 15,000 nodes

Finally, this AEON Mall Cakung has officially opened on September 30, 2017. And the collaboration of PT. AEON Mall Indonesia, PT. Chayo Lite, CV. Dhia Adika Utama and PT. Philips Indonesia to provide “dynamic illumination carpet” can be presented to the public and hopefully, the customer of AEON Mall Cakung will enjoy the lighting show from this dynamic illumination carpet.

For the video, you may click this link:



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