Madrid from my smartphone lens

This is my short trip with short time to explore and reveal the beauty of Madrid. Actually, this is the second time I visited this city, the first time has happened at the end of December 2015. Yes, it has been almost 12 years ago. Arrived at Madrid on Tuesday afternoon (26/09) and leave Madrid on Friday evening (29/09), with two days (28 – 29 Sept) were use for Partner Summit.

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Spill Light at Retail Lighting

The purpose of using this lighting system on the store (shown on photo) is absolutely for highlight the products that displayed and also for general lighting at the store. Without using reflector, they want achieves more light and create brighter store. But, I think they are forget that most of lighting that produce by lamps are used to highlight the ceiling and transferred to roof. So it will useless.

They bought lighting system to highlight product, not for roof or ceiling. They spend money to pay the electricity, but the result is more light are wasted on roof.

above : existing luminaire (lamp housing)

above : after reflector installed

Simple solution can be used for this matter. They can use simple reflector. It can be made from metal-sheet, acrylic or plastic, as long as it can be used to reflect the upper light from luminaire.