Alun-Alun Kidul Yogyakarta

Our short story when we were visited Alun-Alun Kidul Yogyakarta. One of the famous destination for Town Square or Plaza or Piazza in Yogyakarta. My suggestion is do visit at night and you will find many excitement in this area. Just take a look on this short video below.


KA Prambanan Ekspres

Kereta Api Prambanan Ekspres atau lebih dikenal dengan Prameks merupakan nama layanan transportasi kereta api yang menghubungkan Kutoarjo, Yogyakarta dan Solo Balapan. Merupakan kereta komuter ekonomi. Menurut informasi dari Wikipedia, jarak tempuhnya adalah 64 km, dengan frekuensi perjalanan harian 10x pergi pulang dalam sehari.

Dalam KA ini umumnya tidak menggunakan fasilitas AC alias menggunakan angin alam melalui jendela kereta. Susunan tempat duduk adalah kursi yang saling berhadapan dengan menyediakan ruang yang luas bagi penumpang yang berdiri.
Bagi yang sedang berkunjung ke Solo atau Yogyakarta dan ingin bepergian menggunakan sarana transportasi ini, pembelian tiket bisa langsung dilakukan di stasiun. Pemesanan juga bisa dilakukan. Perjalanan akan lebih berkesan karena kita berbaur dengan penduduk lokal dan bisa melihat/merasakan dari dekat denyut kehidupan mereka.

(Video has English caption)

Malioboro Street

Malioboro Street.
Perhaps this is the center of business, attractions, economy and tourism in Yogyakarta city. The hype of street vendors or local shop that sell mostly souvenirs to tourist/visitors/travellers. The art of bargain mostly need in this place. The improvement of safety and comfort are on the progress. You will find wide pedestrian with many chair that comfort to sit, while your wife/girls busy to shopping. On peak season/holiday season and weekend, it will full with crowd, so beware with hot air or beware with your belongings.

Plengkung Gading, Yogyakarta.

Plengkung Nirbaya atau Plengkung Gading ini merupakan gerbang yang terletak di sebelah selatan Keraton Ngayogyokarto Hadiningrat. Dekat dengan alun-alun kidul/selatan Kota Yogyakarta. Plengkung Gading ini merupakan pintu keluar raja yang wafat untuk selanjutnya disemayamkan di Makam Raja-Raja Imogiri. Konon, selama Sultan masih hidup di dunia, beliau tidak diperkenankan melewati Plengkung Gading ini. Ada menara sirine di Plengkung Gading ini, yang hanya digunakan untuk dua momen, yakni setiap tanggal 17 Agustus untuk memperingati peristiwa detik-detik proklamasi Republik Indonesia, dan menjelang buka puasa saat Ramadan.

Keep Moving Forward


Indeed, there are no other words except Keep Moving Forward. Keep on making progress. Enjoy the process. Try the best.

More focus, have more courage, set the patients high, keep on the consistency high and keep on persistent no matter what obstacle there.

Story and History with Car

For some people, car ownership is a symbol. Not only for men, but also for women. A car is the symbol of their achievement and status. A car also reflection about what you are. But for some people, a car also part of their life story and in the end, it becomes of their life history. I will share behind the scene of the gift that I present to my best friend, Oki Firman Cahyono, who decide to pursue other interest and resign from the company. It short story that connected people, life, and car.

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GBK Main Stadium Jakarta facade lighting

I am honored and excited. Those were the feeling when I saw there are so many amazing photographs and videos on social media displaying the project that I have involved with and our solutions take the important role and become the reason why they take a photo or video. On Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and also on conventional media (newspaper, television), you will easily find those images. I am talking about the result of the renovation of Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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The first ActiveSite for Sei Carang bridge

There is always a first time, for everything. The mixed feeling will fill our mind and our heart related to the journey through that first time moment. We may feel nervous, excited, worried, afraid, happy and so on. Including with the story that I want to share you now. The big themes are “for the first time”. It’s the first time for me visit Tanjung Pinang, the capital of Bintan Island to install and activated the first ActiveSite solution for Indonesia market.

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How to describe Philips Lighting Indonesia in one image?

Philips Lighting Indonesia as a multinational company has the official batik shirt that represents the company with batik Indonesia pattern, with two color option, white and purple. As the employee, I am proudly wearing this batik shirt, especially when business trip abroad. The response from my colleagues is amazing. Most of them love the batik and ask how to have or buy that Philips batik shirt. But then, I ask myself, what is after batik shirt? And to be exact, how to describe Philips Lighting Indonesia in one image. The image that can be applied as identity, ornament or perhaps can be applied as the gift to our guest or customer. Read more

Dynamic Illumination Carpet with light

The brief from the owner was clear: “AEON Mall wants to create Wonder Garden with the dynamic illumination carpet as the element of the garden at this shopping mall”. The keyword is dynamic illumination carpet. The short definition of dynamic illumination carpet is an installation of many dots lamp above the grass of the garden and light up at night with dynamic effect. Since it contains many dots lamp so it will look like carpet located above the grass.

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