An Unexpected Bonus In My Achievement As An Industrial Designer

Happiness for industrial/product designers is simple, that is when designs are made getting approval to be mass-produced and marketed. If later the product is successful in the market or gets an award, it is a bonus from the efforts that have been made.

This Dish Dryer product is designed to answer the need for simple kitchen equipment dryers, especially equipment for babies/children. Tools that are easy to use, don’t need a lot of buttons, are easy to clean, don’t need a lot of space and are practical and are made of materials that are safe for health. This Panasonic D-file is the answer to the need to take care of the health of the whole family. D-sterile is an automatic tableware dryer and baby equipment that is capable of disabling bacteria and bacteria, especially E-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria that cause diarrhea and skin diseases. The heat produced by D-sterile in addition to making feeding utensils or baby equipment to dry quickly is also able to keep hygienic.


Panasonic Dish Dryer, D-sterile (FD-S03S1)


The illustration if the D-sterile when in use, including the cutlery.


Going back to 2005 (yes you were right, that was 15 years ago), when I was an Industrial Designer at PT. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia, Jakarta (sometimes we called with PT. PMI). When this product was developed for the Indonesian market, I was given the mandate to develop this product in terms of product design. Panasonic in the era of 2004-2005 applied the design concept of “clean style concept”, where the design approach to shapes and colors that gave the impression of functional, simple, minimalist, and stylish. The form approach is simple and tends to be clean without any additional accessories or accents or trinkets that are not necessary. The color application also optimizes material colors with white dominance with minimal green accentuation. If the material uses transparent glass, glass, or plastic, the green color will appear as a signature element of Panasonic home appliances.


D-sterile cover opened at maximum to allow loading and unloading the cutlery


Shelves made of stainless steel make it easy to set the cutlery because it can be removed from the chamber. After the cutlery has been washed, then dried with D-sterile. Including when you want to set the cutlery to be put in a storage cabinet, just removed this shelf from the D-sterile chamber.


The surface under the stainless steel rack is made with a certain angle so that it helps drain the water that is still attached to the cutlery after being washed. And with a smooth/glossy surface, the water will not leave marks on the D-sterile body.


Long story short, after going through the design process and repeated revisions, finally the management of Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia gave the green light for this product to be mass-produced and marketed in Indonesia. This product is named Panasonic D-sterile Dish Dryer FD-S03S1 or briefly called Panasonic D-sterile. There are 2 main parts of this D-sterile, the base or sterile chamber. Inside the base, there are components such as fans, heaters, timer buttons, water jacks, power cables, power supplies, and of course the body that protects these components. While the chamber consists of an acrylic cover and stainless steel shelves. The full explanation can be read on the caption contained in each of the following images.


The water reservoir. This container is made using a transparent material. The user will easily find out the condition of the reservoir. Also, there are signs/indicators of the level of the water reservoir. The bottom of the container is made with the addition of etching or sand-blast look, to minimize slippery when washed. The glossy part is only on the sidewalls of the container. The container can also be removed and installed easily.


The application of the concept of clean style on D-sterile is using of color cover material. Although it looks transparent but by using an additional green color, it gives the impression of luxury and gives the impression of hygiene. The combination of white and transparent green also gives the impression of light and compact so that it can be harmonious if placed in the kitchen among other cooking utensils.


The spoon/fork container. Designed enough to accommodate spoons and forks, especially baby feeding equipment. At the bottom, there are holes to drain the water. To keep the spoon in its place, the holder is designed to fit the stainless steel shelves on the sides and bottom, which guarantees that it will not come loose even if the rack is turned over. This container is also easily removed and reassembled if a larger plate is needed or when this container must be washed or cleaned.


Because this product was developed and produced by PT. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia, so that it can be called “made in Indonesia”, the Management registered the design of this product with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia to obtain Indonesian Design Rights. At the same time, it was also registered as a participant in the Indonesia Good Design Selection (IGDS) in 2006. After going through the selection and judging process, in July 2006, the Panasonic D-sterile FD-S03S1 became the winner in the Kitchen Appliance & Housekeeping Goods category and won a Gold medal (Gold Award of Good Design) at the 2006 IGDS competition.


D-sterile only uses 1 timer button for operations, so it is very easy to operate. The font size of the timer (in minutes) is also quite easy to read. The use of a dark green font color with a white background also makes it easy to read even in indistinct spaces. Circular illustrations also give the impression of a gradual work process, from cold to warm and vice versa.


Product type information, specifications, technical information, and also a brief guide to the D-sterile are installed on the right side.


The hole where warm air enters the chamber. Warm air is produced by outside air being pushed into the fan and through the heating component. The air grille is also equipped with a filter so that dirt does not get into the fan which will affect the performance of the D-sterile. The filter is also easy to remove and clean if necessary.


At the back of the cover is equipped with air grille that serves to prevent condensation and also helps air circulation in the chamber.

I still remember when I was asked by my Manager to accompany the Vice President of PT. PMI at that time, Mas Achmad Daniri, was present at the 2006 IGDS award ceremony which will be presented by Vice President Jusuf Kalla at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. As a junior employee, yes of course I am clumsy and nervous having to go with the VP. Along the way from the factory on Jalan Raya Bogor km.29 – Kemayoran and back again, not much was talked about and I was just trying to enjoy the performance of the operational vehicle of the VP pack, the Mercedes-Benz E Class (W211, production 2003-2009). Unfortunately, at that time I did not bring a camera to capture the moment in Kemayoran, at least my photo was wearing a factory uniform among those who wore suits or long-sleeved batik or kebaya. Camera cellphones in 2006 are also still rare and expensive.

Panasonic D-sterile appearance. There are only stainless-steel shelves, spoon/fork containers inside the cover, the transparent cover itself, a timer switch, and a water reservoir. It’s so simple home appliances but yet useful to the user.


Panasonic D-sterile in a short brief


no caption needed


A copy of the Gold Award of Good Design 2006 certificate as a solid prove of PT. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia teamwork and achievement.

The 2006 IGDS Gold Award is a bonus for all teams involved in developing and marketing the Panasonic D-sterile. Many thanks to Pak Hari Maulana or known as Harimau, my design director when in PT. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia. For me, this award is a special achievement in my professional career as a product designer. At least it is a historical record of my life, that my design work was formally recognized by the country that I loved, Republik Indonesia.


I write this article as personal documentation for design work that I have ever made. Created as a complement to the photo documentation that I did on May 30, 2020, while the product was still in good condition and I had time to write. As a personal opinion, I am not attached to anyone or get paid or economic benefits from anyone, including from Panasonic.


Behind the scene: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is that we are prohibited from traveling and must stay at home. So we have time to clean the house and I found this Panasonic D-sterile in the storage warehouse. Because I have never documented photos and writings, so when there is a long weekend May 30 to June 1, I use to treat and preserve memories with this Panasonic D-sterile.   


After 15 years of this product produced, finally, I have a chance to make documentation for one of my product designs. As you know, usually I make documentation for lighting design or weekend crafts/hobbies.

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