AskGaryVee, papercutting+painting.

This papercutting+painting is specially made and dedicated to someone that become my rock idol, that respect for his abundant positive energy that he shared in many online/offline platform. He is Gary Vaynerchuck. He was known as Gary Vee. If you just know or read or heard Gary Vee, just googling him. You will easily find him anywhere. His achievement is solid proof that he is the man who just does the work and he lives what he preaches.

Sometimes we need to be slapped hard to make us awake from our deep sleep or awake from dreaming. Then to be reminded that you have to wake up and work really hard to make that dream come true. It always good if we can wake up by ourselves. But sometimes we need somebody that has previous or precious experiences and telling us which way we should follow or which action we should do. Not repeating some mistake that previously had done. For some people, maybe the way Gary talking seems too straightforward. But, for me, he speaks from the heart and gives it to us for real. The way he does the interaction with his follower, showing me that he loves his followers and provides meaningful feedback to any and all conversations.

Short story for this Cut & Post artwork (or I call it CuPo) is creating the portrait from the white paper that cut each layer by following the design that we made already. These each layer will be differentiated by color that made by paint. Then these layers will assembly become one piece of the portrait using glue. From the pictures or video, you may find the process of the creation. Yes, it takes a lot of patience to create one artwork but for sure I enjoy it. I am truly practicing what my other rock idol advice, Wahyu Ichwandardi a.k.a Pinot, that drawing or painting should be fun and we must happy with the process. Thank you to Pinot for the inspiration ;).
While the concept of color is using bright and brave color as the majority to represent spirit and passion. And I believe the red color is the perfect choice for this. Also, I combine it with a gold color for the accent as the representative of wealth or prosperity.



I do hope that he loves this artwork and if possible would love to receive it. It’s a token of my appreciation, my respect and thanks for everything that he already shares for free. Hope that someday I can meet Gary Vee, make discussion, get the jab, jab, jab, right hook from him. And for sure, say thank you directly to him.

Below is the video of the process to create this artwork:

Or alternatively, you may visit this YouTube link:

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