Papercutting Cupo Philips Color Kinetics 20

20 year is a special number, especially for a company anniversary. And it also happened to Philips Color Kinetics. Founded in Boston on 1997, Color Kinetics (or known as CK) focus only for controllable and programmable LED for architectural lighting. Then on 2007, Philips do an acquisition to Color Kinetics, then it becomes Philips Color Kinetics (sometimes we call it PCK).

Since on 28-29 September 2017, there will be Philips Lighting Partner Summit at Madrid and I will join there, I think it’s a good occasion to share this 20th anniversary with other PCK colleagues. But the idea to make these gifts came up on Friday (22 September), while on Monday night (26 September) I have to catch the flight to Madrid. So, I only had a weekend to create it.


Long story short, on the weekend I had to finish these gift. So little time, so much to do. Fortunately, I had 6 small frames from IKEA. It’s a lightweight frame with non-glass cover, perfect to put in baggage. The picture size is 13×18 cm. Then I decided to make 6 gifts. So, in this article here, you may check the process and the result…


And one thing for sure, I am very happy that I can share this anniversary gift with my respected colleagues at Philips Lighting and Philips Color Kinetics. People that passionate with lighting and contribute to do architectural beautification with architectural lighting.



I do really hope that they happy with the gift. I may not fly to Boston or Eindhoven, but my artwork will fly and stay there…


This artwork also part of my studio collaboration with my daughter for our weekend project 😉

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