Papercutting Cupo Maverick

There always be the first time for everything. Including this artwork. This is for the first time I am doing 2 artwork in single time. This special order has come from one of top communication consultant company, Maverick Indonesia. These are the partner of this company. The leaders.

Quite challenging project for me. First, they are company leader. I have to be careful and take full attention to the detail. The papercut had to be recognized easily that the artwork is the company partner. Second, about the color that will apply. I don’t want to create artworks with conservative color, let say gray color gradation. It’s too common and not reflect the company enthusiasm. Third, the time frame to finish this job. These artworks made as gifts from employee to honor the partner and will be present at the company outing day at Bangkok, Thailand. And since I had the daily job, I had to finish it at night and weekend.

After doing some discussion and asking advice from their employee, I got clear guidance what should I do with the layers, shape, and colors. And finally, I can finish these artworks on time and the employee can present these gifts to the partners at their company outing at Bangkok on September 15 – 17, 2017.

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