Woman Portrait and Car

The project of combining woman (portrait) with car rendering already planned a long time ago. Because I want to make the car as general interest, not only related to man. I want a girl or woman who has the history with her car, can happily show it. But the problem was, finding out who was the woman that I can draw and including her car in one frame. Then the moment is come, got the idea about whom should I draw.

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Birthday, Reborn and Born


You may say this day is a special day to the people that born in that day. Every single year we will celebrate this day with family, friends or colleagues or others. Sometimes we are doing some evaluation what we have done and what should we do in the future. The bottom line is on this day, people will show their gratitude for everything that he/she accomplished so far and pray for the best in the future. Including me on my birthday today. Alhamdulillahhirrobilalamin for everything that I got today and Bismillahirrahmannirrahim for everything that I will do or achieve in the future.

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