Woman Portrait and Car

The project of combining woman (portrait) with car rendering already planned a long time ago. Because I want to make the car as general interest, not only related to man. I want a girl or woman who has the history with her car, can happily show it. But the problem was, finding out who was the woman that I can draw and including her car in one frame. Then the moment is come, got the idea about whom should I draw.

While my wife has the birthday, I got an idea to make a drawing of her and her car. A car that uses for every day to the office and accompanied her in the middle of Jakarta traffic jam. A car that bought in 2012. With the signature green color, this Mazda 2 is really attractive and steal people attention. And for sure, it looks cute too, until today. As always, when making a portrait drawing, the difficulty is finding the portrait that will be drawn. It’s impossible to ask because it will eliminate the surprise. But finally, find the portrait and the process can be started.


Long story short, just click the video below to see the process of the drawing. Before it packed and delivered to her, then I ask my two lovely daughters write the greetings and signature on the bottom side of the drawing. So ladies (and gentlemen), if you like or love to keep your memories with your lovely cars keep alive, feel free to contact me 😉


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