Birthday, Reborn and Born


You may say this day is a special day to the people that born in that day. Every single year we will celebrate this day with family, friends or colleagues or others. Sometimes we are doing some evaluation what we have done and what should we do in the future. The bottom line is on this day, people will show their gratitude for everything that he/she accomplished so far and pray for the best in the future. Including me on my birthday today. Alhamdulillahhirrobilalamin for everything that I got today and Bismillahirrahmannirrahim for everything that I will do or achieve in the future.



It related to my place that I love to share. Blog or personal website that I create. Previously, 4 years ago, I made a blog and start to write and share my thoughts. Sometimes I am active to write but mostly I am passive to update my blog. Up and Down. Now I decide to renew and make it official. This website will be personal, it will tell who I am. It’s my personal branding too. Personal and official. This will be the gateway to contact me and know me as a personal and as a professional. Perhaps in the future, the headhunter, potential business partner, customer, client or anyone can do a little research about me and my professional life here, including my portfolio. So, my blog will reborn as



It means there is something new come up to this world. Something that previously may not exist. It is products line up that I made as a hobby and as the way to enjoy my weekend with my kids. Something that I make to keep me thinking creative. It called CUPO. CUt and POst. Paper cutting craft and combine with painting. The full story behind the making of this products, you may find at my other post.

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