Jokowi and me

Perhaps this moment is one of many best moment happens in this 2016. My lucky moment. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to shake hand and take a picture together with President of Indonesia on Sunday, November 20th, 2016 at Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta. Yes, it happens at the famous shopping mall in South Jakarta. He just visited Gramedia book store. When he walked outside the bookstore many people are waiting outside and for sure asking to shake hand and take a photo. I was just standing and waiting nearby and actually not expecting to take a photo because there are many Secret Service members make a barricade and not allowed people blocking the way. So I just take a photo from my smartphone. And he was getting near me.


Jokowi in the mid of crowd

Suddenly I try my luck. When Pak Jokowi in front of me I was just sending my hand and asking to shake hand. He responds it. And somehow I try to ask; Pak Jokowi, boleh foto bareng Pak? (Pak Jokowi, may I take a picture with you). And he replied; Ya, silakan (Sure, you can do that). Then my head getting low to pass the hand barricade of the Secret Service and take a position near Mr. President. Handed my smartphone to the other Secret Service and finally, he takes the picture. Finished and say thank you to Mr. President and I leave the crowd.
All happen in second.
When I opened the smartphone and check the photo, just realized that my hair looks unique. It happened because I was trespassing the bodyguard hand-barricade. But, it’s OK, I still look nice in the photo. And for sure this photo will be my precious collection and this moment will not be forgotten. Thank you, Pak Jokowi.


Finally, Jokowi and me in one frame

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