Inktober 2016 from my perspective



Today is November 6, 2016 and it’s been a week after I am finished “inktober2016” event. For you who don’t know about inktober or if you want to know more about “inktober”, please visit this link:

This event is started by Jake Parker ( and open for everyone to join. Anybody can participate and it’s free. Not only artist, painter, designer or anyone that draw a lot in their everyday life. For a month we asked to draw using ink (it can be fountain pen, pen, marker), minimal one drawing in one day. That’s why it called “inktober”. You can draw anything. Yes, anything. You can draw people, animal, house, car, pets, objects, character, superhero, airplane, your imagination, etc. If you have no idea what you should draw that day, the initiator of “inktober” has some keyword or theme that you can follow (please check official Inktober2016 promp list below). If you enjoy making digital drawing (using tablet or software), you may join too.

This year is the first time for me to join this inktober. Even though we are free to draw anything, i am trying to follow the theme of “inktober2016” that provide by the initiator. Simply because I want to learn and challenge myself to describe the theme of the day with my own visual thinking. If I just following my own interest to draw, perhaps I will draw products, car or airplane or something I love to draw.


Official Inktober 2016 prompt list. It’s just guidance just in case we don’t have idea what to draw on that day or we may also follow this list to draw everyday.

After a whole month I follow and participate this drawing event, here some of my findings or comments related this event:
Drawing Challenge
We challenged to draw. We challenged to be brave to express our thought and convert it with visual way. No need to shy to draw. Sometimes if we don’t have idea what to draw, they provide the theme for that day. We can use that theme. And it will challenge us to visualize it. How to describe one word into drawing is quite challenging. We push our brain to visualized it and transfer it to our hand using the pen and paper. It challenged us to think different. This event also a good momentum to do experiment. I don’t like to draw character or people. But, I try and experiment to make drawing with people, animal or else. With these kind of challenges or experiments, I found a lot of things that I should learn next.


Inktober2016, from day 01 until day 05 ; inktober logo, fast, noisy, collect, hungry, sad.

Discipline and commitment
It sounds simple and easy. Make minimal “one draw one day”. Or if we are too busy, we can make it weekly on the weekend or we can draw if we have time to draw. But honestly, it’s hard to implement it. It’s hard to discipline. In the morning and afternoon, we have been busy with our daily job at the office. In the evening at home, we feel so tired and just want to relax. But since we had a commitment to join this event, we trying to spare our time to draw. We will make the time to draw, because we have commitment to finish what we have already started.


Inktober2016, from day 06 until day 11 ; hidden, lost, rock, broken, jump, transport.

Learning Process
As employee that depend on laptop and rarely make drawing by hand, this “inktober” event is time to learn to draw again. I believe we forget the last time we feel happy when our parent or our teacher gave us pencil and paper to draw. It feel we call back the child that hiding in our adults body. The child that will draw anything, fearless and fun. If today we become sales, lawyer, officer, engineer or other profesion, that’s OK, that’s just our profession for living. Nothing wrong with our daily job. This “inktober” is other alternative way to learn to make drawing again or enjoy the moment when drawing is fun activity, just like when we were child. Don’t worry, this “inktober” will not push you to pursue career as artist, painter or illustrator or provoke you to resign as lawyer, accountant or sales. It was just drawing movement that invite you to find happiness with drawing.


Inktober2016, from day 12 until day 17 ; worried, scared, tree, relax, wet, battle.

Patience, Fun and Relax
Drawing, sketching or painting means patience. There is a process that you have to follow. Even for some professional artist or painter, the don’t want to speed up the process. People will tend to enjoy the process to produce the drawing. They will prepare everything before start to draw, from good and hot coffee or tea, play favourite or inspiring music, setting the room temperature, create the inspiring atmosphere. With all of these arrangement, it will help to slow down your nerves, your brain will tell your body to relax. Why so serious? Enjoy the process and have fun. Enjoy the “me time” and let the idea flowing from your brain to your paper or canvas. You will be amazed by your ability to focus, enjoy the rythm and suddenly time passing by without you realized. Perhaps also your capability to escape from email or social media and create your productive moment.


Inktober2016, from day 18 until day 23 ; escape, flight, squeeze, big, little, slow.

Actually there is no competition in this event. Or there is no prize or winner at the end of this event. But, when you see the other drawing that come from other participants, you will be amazed and sometimes feel that you are not good enough or patience enough to draw the detail. It will challenge you to practice more and make better drawing. You will inspired by others or perhaps others will inspired by you. The competition happen in here is the competition with yourself, and it related to learn and practice more.


Inktober2016, from day 24 until day 27 ; one dozen, tired, box, creepy.

Life Balance
After hectic day with your daily job, sometimes you just need a little escape from your routine. When you arrive at home, all you want to do is just relax, meet your family member and chit-chat or share about the day. For sure you avoid to open your laptop again. You may choose to watch television, check your social media, read your favourite book or accompany your kids doing their homework are some activities you wish to do after arriving at home. Doing inktober or making sketches also alternative activity that you can do while you accompany kids doing their homework or study. You will give good example that you leave your gadget and study together with your kids. If you are single, this inktober also can be a medium to escape from your routine. You will isolate yourself by not checking and reply email, not haunted by complain from your boss or your customer. You will give time for your brain and body to relax.


Inktober2016, from day 28 until day 31 ; burn, surprise, wreck, friend.

Afterall, I am happy with this “inktober” event. I can follow and commit to make one drawing one day in a whole month of October 2016. Sometimes I make drawing from my own idea or sometimes inspired by other artist. Sometimes using ink only and sometimes combines with watercolor. I make drawing at evening or night after I arrived at home on weekday and in the afternoon on weekend. Once finished, then I upload and shared at my Instagram page: @arisdn. I do appreciate if you follow my instagram account and let’s be a friend :).

To Jake Parker, I would like to say thank you for your idea and making Inktober event. I had a great time and had some rough times as well to think what to draw, when to draw and when make drawing itself. I had great learning experience, experiment with many new objects to draw and I learned a lot.

And for sure, this event just my starting point to keep foolish and learn drawing again, it won’t stop here and my journey of learning will continue ;).

Jakarta, Sunday evening, November 6, 2016.


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