Sketching above 37,000 feet

What are activities that you would do during flight? Is it sleep, watch movies, read the book, listen to music, writing the report on a laptop, playing a game on the tablet, talking with colleagues or other passengers? I believe most of us will do these kinds of activities during the flight. But there is another alternative activity that you can try to do during your flight. You may try to make sketches. With sketches, you just need simple and basic tools. Pen or pencil with paper or books. Just do a sketch or draw anything. Yes, anything. It can be something in front of your sight (can be passenger seat, people, food, book, watch, flight attendant, etc.) or something that come up in your mind or imagination (your future car, future wife, future house, your cat at home, flower in your garden, delicious breakfast that you enjoy before flight, etc.)

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