Color-Rendering-Index (CRI)


This photo was taken on November 21, 2012, at Pameran Pekan Kreatif Indonesia (Indonesia Creative Power exhibition) in Jakarta. My big question is why the Event Organizer put the yellowish lighting with bad color-rendering-index to be a general lighting at the exhibition? Are they don’t know or don’t care with the effect of bad lighting? Or they just simply put this lighting from their area or parking lot? 😀

This lighting using lamp from high-discharge lamp (sodium or SON lamp). This lamp has color-rendering-index (CRI) around 24. With this CRI, the characteristic of this lamp is can not reveal the real color from the object. Red color became grey, blue color became black, white color became yellow, etc. It will create bad-images and potential-loses for exhibitor and audiences. The product display will look dull and the audiences will feel bored when visit the booth.

Lighting with good CRI is essential to be used for highlight the product display, information, color chart, painting, fashion, furniture, materials, etc. That’s why when you make shopping you fill find that most of these shop lighting using high wattage lamp (metal halide or halogen) to get best CRI. Want to prove it? Just stay for a while under the lamps, and you will feel the hot air :D.

If you want to know more about CRI, you can learn from this link :

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