Guest room lighting at the hotel

These photographs will show you the effect of lighting scene to the hospitality industry, specially for the hotel guest-room application. Simple & smart solution to make guest enjoy room more, to make them more relaxed, build their mood or perhaps helping guest feel like in their own room at home. Guest will easily set the lighting scene with control button that placed near their bed.

To avoid the “discotique” effect caused by too many lighting color applied, the hotel management (or perhaps lighting designer) carefully selected the lighting color for each room. The lighting intensity also can be controlled by dimming system, so it will not too bright or too dark, and all of effect will be controlled by Guest himself/herself, because they are the owner of this room 🙂

These photos taken from W hotel, Singapore. Photo credit belong to : @ardhinihapsari

below : lighting scene controller near bed. there are 4 lighting scene : hello, escape, runway and flirt. and one button for master off/night light.

below : “hello” lighting scene

below : “escape” lighting scene

below : “flirt” lighting scene. can you see the difference with “escape”? 🙂

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