Flexible wall illumination

With flexible wall illumination you can change the color and the mood of your shop, creating the right ambience for a given audience at a given time. The color can change very gradually or within a second. It can change over a period of time (e.g. to attract attention) or it can remain static for as long as you want it to (e.g. to complement a promotion). It can change between bright, saturated colors and soft pastel tones of white, e.g. to create a warm atmosphere during the winter.

Make the customer stay longer

Flexible and adaptive, lighting enables retailers to create dynamic shop environments that convey powerful, engaging impressions. It can be used to optimize product presentations, and it can be adapted to support the latest‚collection, specific themes, the seasons, materials, colors, etc. It can also create a stage for temporary promotions.

Make the customer come back

In the evening too, when the shop is closed and outside lighting levels are low, new dramatic effects can be applied, again creating fresh and memorable impressions.

source : Philips Lighting

Decorative elements on shop lighting


Case study:

Color-changing LED to highlight the product-display. Maybe the purpose of installing color-changing effect will give good appearance and attracting people to give more attention to the product-display. But it is not correct. Why? Because it can’t reveal the true color of products that display. The Blue color of clothes will not display as blue, the white color of shoes will not displayed as white, etc. Color-changing effect will work when the surrounding area set to dark, and if the surrounding area more bright, the color-changing LED will meaningless.

Solution :

Decorative elements can be applied throughout the shop. They can be used for a variety of purposes, for example to attract attention and create stopping power – highlighting product presentations and visual merchandizing, complementing retail promotions or the shop interior, or creating ambience for a given occasion or audience. The lighting color can change very gradually or within a second. It can change over a period of time or remain static for as long as you want it to. Decorative elements can also be used to underline architectural details, for example to enhance your store’s brand image.



The lighting in a shop is a key factor in creating that all-important first impression. Dynamic decorative elements attract attention of people passing by and enhance the in-store ambience. And lighting scenes that change within a short space of time are even more eye-catching because people are very sensitive to changes in light.

source : Philips Lighting