Car and Portrait of Ferruccio Lamborghini

The other car brand that I love is Lamborghini. This brand is consistent to create superb and spectacular car body design and set the high benchmark to other competitors. And if we follow the history of how this car was built, we will admire the spirit and passion of the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. Even though he and his team have no experience to build a sports car, but finally they can write the history with their golden ink. To share my admiration for Mr. Lamborghini passion, I made this artwork. This artwork is quite unique because I combine the paper cutting technique for the portrait with marker & pencil color rendering. From many cars of Lamborghini, I simply choose Lamborghini Miura that designed by Bertone. It has a simple and sexy design.

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Marker/Path Lighting

Decorative Lighting for building, especially for outdoor area can be realized in many applications. One method is using path lighting that placed on the ground. The lighting system and cable buried under the ground. But in some application, people seems make wrong choice for solution. Instead using lighting system that dedicated or designed for path lighting, they use spot lighting. It will illuminate the area and make discomfort for human eyes. It will create glare.

From the photograph below, the luminaire/housing is right, but the lamp is wrong. Also it using Halogen lamp. This lamp type has short lifetime, high wattage consumption and create heat. So be careful on make product selection.

above : Lamp selection is not correct.

above : The result of wrong choice of lamp

above : Recommended products for marker/path lighting.