Start (and just do it…)

It’s so easy to say and indeed looks easy than to do. Because procrastination will be tempting us even though we already knew that it will get us nowhere. Focus and commit to our short-term goals and long-term plans are the keys to start doing something. To make it easier, just do something that we like most because it will make us enjoy the process. Trust and respect the process because it’s not an overnight metamorphosis, but a journey.

Very long journey.

We learn as we go along. But we can’t begin to learn until we start. Don’t wait, don’t over-analyse, don’t paralyze ourselves with procrastination and don’t wait for permission or even approval from anyone else. Don’t be scared, don’t be shy, don’t worry about the whats, the hows, and the whens.



*thanks to Natasha Courtenay-Smith for the inspiration

The secret to getting ahead is getting started (Mark Twain).

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