Signage Lighting

Talking about Signage lighting, as we aware that the signage usually in form of Fonts, Logo, or Images. To make it visible at night, we can add some light to highlight it. The solution for signage lighting can be tailor made solution, Backlighting, Floodlighting. The brief is very clear that the signage will expresses the brand identity. So it must be very visible and recognizable at night.

From photograph shown above, the signage looks good at afternoon. But it will be hard to recognize and visible at night. Why? Because they use tailor made solution signage with blue light. The visible blue light has a wavelength of about 475 nm. Because the blue wavelengths are shorter in the visible spectrum, they are scattered more efficiently by the molecules in the atmosphere. This causes the sky to appear blue. But when in the dark or night, blue color is hard to see or recognized from distances. This cause is still on research and maybe can make a bias. To prove it, just go outside and compare the blue light and red light, which one is easy to recognized from distance.

Simple solution without change the brand identity of this signage is with additional backlight around the signage. It will make this ESQ signage like glowing and will increase the visibility.

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